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 Dos and Don'ts

  • Learn the basics of Filipino body language, most of it quite distinctive to the country. Lifting the eyebrows without smiling means 'no', but lifting them while smiling is a customary greeting for a friend.

  • Don't point with your finger as this is considered rude. Filipinos often use pursed lips to point or indicate a direction.

  • Don't arrive early for a social occasion. It is considered polite to arrive half an hour late, although in general the more important the guest the later he or she arrives. On the other hand always arrive on time for a business meeting, or formal appointment.

  • Tip when you receive a service. Taxi fares should be rounded up and hotel staff tipped a few pesos while waiters/waitresses expect 10-15 per cent.

  • Don't lose your temper or raise your voice in a dispute - public displays of anger will seldom get you what you want. Furthermore there is a very high rate of gun-ownership in Manila and provoking angry confrontations is not a good idea!

  • Do check whether prices are being quoted in Dollars or Pesos before you sign anything or agree to a price.


 Featured Tour - Philippines

Philippines Packages
8 hour Day tour- Corregidor Island - Manila

Discover the defences of the island fortress of Corregidor, which was dubbed the 'Gibraltar of the Pacific' during World War II. You will be picked up at your hotel then transferred to the pier where you will board the ferryboat for the hour journey to the Corregidor Island. Your guided tour will commence once you board the pre-war type streetcar called 'tramvias', that will bring you around the island fortress. You can see all the landmarks and scenic attractions including the various gun batteries, Mile Long Barracks, Old Spanish Lighthouse, Pacific War Memorial, MacArthur Park etc. You can also enjoy the light and sound multi-vision show inside the Malinta Tunnel. Buffet lunch will be served at the Corregidor Hotel before heading back to the ferryboat for your journey back to Manila. Call WHOSE Travel to book this tour.

Departure Date: Every Day
Duration: 8 hours


 Hotels - WHOSE Travel Picks

Philippines hotel The Pearl Manila Hotel - Manila

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Philippines hotel
Sandcastles Boracay - Boracay

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Philippines hotels
Holiday Plaza- Cebu City

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