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What our customers have to say

Everyone claims to give their customers great service! Some people just look for the cheapest price, if you want great service and great prices then WHOSE Travel is your choice. Take a look at some unedited emails that we have gotten from our customers and you be the judge.


Dale Mackie
WHOSE Travel

Hi Dale,

I have decided that you might be my hero. It was such a fantastic weekend. I can honestly say that I have never had such smooth running organization as we did this weekend.

All th guides/agents were great, so helpful, on time, the hotels were stunning (way more fancy than I expected). The tour that was included was awesome and they advised us on what other trips to do.

A perfect long weekend get away. The whole trip we were saying to each other "Dale Mackie Rocks". Super exhausted today but all part of the fun I guess.

I will definitely be contacting you again soon.

Thanks again!

Cayley Conway

Hi Dale,

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you and your team at Whose Travel for helping me with my flights on Friday.

I have always received an excellent service from Whose Travel and have always been impressed by the efficiency and personal touch that is missing from any other way that Ive booked any travel arrangements. Something that I always tell friends when recommending your company.

And thank you for helping me out with getting the ticket issued at such short notice. Im sure that everyone in your office was itching to get home and begin their Chinese New Year break, so once again I am very grateful for their efforts.

I hope that you all have a great holiday too now that you enabled me to make the most of mine.

Xin Nien Kuai Le!

Jordaan Kowal

Dear Dale,

Thank you ever so much for your kind help and wonderful support with all our date changes. You have done a great job. We will definitely get back to you before we plan to travel again:)

Best wishes,

Lili J.K.

Thank you so much Dale.Your assistance was invaluable! I honestly don't think I could have figured out how to get home on such short notice without your help. Much appreciated.

Trip was exhausting but I got there (and back)!

We'll be in touch quite soon with some flight inquiries to New Zealand for our Summer vacation plans...

Thanks again,

Hi Dale

Thanks again for sorting out my connecting flight yesterday, all went through smoothly.

Fantastic service as always.

All the best for the new year


Hi Dale,

Thanks so much for the email and thank you so much for all your help. You helped smooth a very stressful situation with very short notice and it all went incredibly well, it is greatly appreciated.

I will certainly be recommending your services to other friends who end up in the same situation and will definitely be booking through your company in the future.


Hi Dale,

Things could not have gone better with my trip to Paris and back.
On my transit in Hanoi we were put in a great hotel, had good food and company.
And I especially like the quick way in which WHOSE Travel responds to my emails.
I would also like to admit that no other travel agency has ever asked me upon my return
how my trip went. Really, I would recommend WHOSE Travel to friends and family.

Thanks a lot, Dale!


Thank you for the welcome, as always your service has delivered above and beyond. Vacation for me was great, considering that i got home in time for my moms birthday. The return trip to Taiwan was great as well. thank you for everything and hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Best regards

Hey Dale,

All the travel arrangements were great, made it an ease to get my visa done and get around. Thanks alot for the excellent help! I will definitely look to you for future travel arrangements.



I just want to thank you for your excellent service!! I refered other teachers here in Taiwan to make use of your company - they will contact you soon - 3 Americans and two South Africans - your service and prices are by far the best!! If I visit Taiwan again,I will for sure contact you again!!! Hope everything is fine with my latest ticket. Speak soon.


Hi Dale!

Good to hear from you, and thanks again for all your help the other day. Really was above and beyond the call of duty. I owe you guys a big thank you.

Had a good trip, and I'll definitely spread the word about WHOSE Travel.

Thanks again, Oi Leng

Thank you,
We had a great trip. Thank you for booking the tickets and providing so much valuable insight on how to travel in Bali. Your web-site was great for making last minute hotel reservations in Nusa Dua at the Grand Mirage...very nice place.

Will keep checking your site and you will hear from me next time we can get away!
Kindest regards,

Lynn & Dr. Chen

Hi Dale

I am so happy because our tickets have just arrived at my school! Thank you for sending them so quickly and efficiently!

Thanks for such fantastic service! You have indeed made that our trip is going to run very smoothly!

Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Many kind regards,

To all future WHOSE Travel Customers,

I would like to write this letter to give credit to the staff at WHOSE Travel. From the very beginning I have had nothing but fantastic, prompt and reliable service. With my ongoing change of travel itinerary, WHOSE travel has always patiently accommodated my needs.
Both my partner and I have both separately had great experiences booking with WHOSE Travel and therefore I would highly recommend this travel agency to anyone in Taiwan.


Oriana Sutorius-Lavoie
Happy WHOSE Travel Customer

Hi Dale and Vivian

Thanks for all the help that you gave me during my travels.
I will spread the word that you guys are the best in Taiwan.
I will definately call you next time i travel.

Much aprreciation

Hi Dale and Vivian

Thank you so much for all the help,my holiday was really wonderful.Phuket
was so beautiful and i went on a few tours.I had a really good relaxing
time.It was a very smooth journey i did not have any problems along the
way,everything was done and all i had to do was enjoy my holiday and of
course shop,shop and shop.

Thank you so much,you really did help me to have a great experiance of
Thailand and as a first time traveller you made everything so simple and
easy for me.I am very greatful for all your help.

I will be going back to Thailand and i will be in touch with Whose Travel
with dates and ideas of where i would like to go.

Thanks again
Best wishes

Thank you so much Dale. You are an awesome travel agent! I will definitely contact you next time I need a ticket and will tell all of my friends about you too!
Take care,

That sounds perfect, where are you so I can get you you're well
deserved cash. Thank you for your quick responses and answers to all
my questions.

Alex Briceno

Hi Dale and Vivian,

Thanks for the welcome back. I had a lovely time in Thailand, and appreciate your help in making the arrangements for the trip as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. I will certainly be continuing to use your service. I'll drop by this evening (Friday) before 7 to drop off my ghost ticket. All the best,


Mr. Mackie,
You're my hero! Thanks so much for all your trouble.
I will be making the deposit into your bank account by Thursday afternoon, after which I'll let you get my delivery details.
Thanks again. It's nice to get such quick and efficient service!

Wow I'm impressed with your quick service. Maybe we'll just go for the most affordable visa run ticket, same day return, for that time frame. any ideas?
Greg Niederhaus


I'm just waiting to hear from my sister and then I'll let you know.
Shannon Wetterberg

Thanks Dale, once again, and I promise to spread the word around, so EVERY foreigner can have the luxury of dealing with such an organised and fantastic agent!


Mariette Louw
+886 (91) 292 1681 (mobile)
5-17F-1,Mincheng Rd,Sec.1,
Panchiao,Taipei County,

Dale, Vivian and Haley~
Thank you for the nice note:) Kacie and I had a spectacular time in Vietnam. Thank you again for all your help. If I ever come back this way I will be using your services, as well as telling all my friends about how happy and helpful you all are! Hope that happiness fills your life always. Thanks again.

Wow. Thank you so much for your honesty! You just won any and all of our business and that of our friends!


I recieved the ticket to-day, thanks a lot.
With regards changing the date, can I try myself by calling Thai Airways, it will save you any further hassle?

Again thanks!
As I was recommened your services I too will be recommending you. Travel agents here can be well..... u know...


Cristopher Kee

Had a great trip thanks. Had no problem getting back into Taiwan without
another ticket.
Thanks for your help and I will definitely spread a good word for you.


Kevin McMahon

Thank you,
That's excellent.
We'll take the flight on the 5th.
That's great!
I'll try to call you later,so we can arrange a place and time to meet for the tickets.

Thank you and I'll see you soon.
Kevin Lester

Thank you for getting back to me Dale ( out of 7 emails you are the only one who did) I really apreciate your help. I will contact you when we make a decision.

Roger Lebel

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